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Veteran Criminal Law Defense Attorney Nicholas J Arvanitis P.C. Attorney at Law

Resolve cases effectively and avoid harmful future consequences with the proven strategies of Nicholas J Arvanitis P.C. Attorney at Law in Chicago, Illinois. Whether it is a minor or a more serious felony, I'm the defense attorney you need for all kinds of Criminal Law cases, including:

• Armed Robberies
• DUIs
• Drug-Related Charges
• Internet Crimes
• Misdemeanors
• Murders
• Property Crimes
• Thefts
• Traffic Offenses
• White Collar Crimes

• Sex Crimes

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Have you been charged with a minor traffic violation?
Have you been charged with D.U.I., driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license, or any other misdemeanor traffic violation?
Has the Secretary of State’s Office revoked or suspended you driving privileges and your seeking reinstatement? 

A minor traffic ticket, such as speeding, is not always a minor matter. If not handled properly a “minor” traffic violation could affect your driver’s license and increase your insurance rates. I will protect your driver’s license while trying to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Being charged with D.U.I., driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license, or any other misdemeanor traffic offense can no longer be considered “minor” or “only” a traffic case since prosecutors routinely seek stiff penalties, high fines, and jail time. Most people are shocked that these offenses are punishable up to 364 days in jail and up to $2500.00 in fines and court costs.

As a former prosecutor and now as a criminal defense attorney, I have handled hundreds of these type of cases.  I have successfully used available defenses to have cases dismissed because police did not have a valid legal basis for stopping my client’s in the first place or did not follow proper procedure in obtaining evidence they seek to use against them. When my clients seek to resolve their cases I am skilled in reaching favorable dispositions on terms that are acceptable to them.

If the Secretary of State has already suspended or revoked your license based on old tickets or other violations, I can help you get your driver’s  license reinstated by resolving these issues by filing a variety of motions and removing the basis of the suspension. If your revocation is based on multiple D.U.I.’s or other serious convictions, I can work with you in presenting a credible case for reinstatement via a hearing before the Secretary of State’s administrative hearing process. The reinstatement process can be difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. Often drivers attempt to go at it alone to save money but end up prejudicing any chance they have for success because they are unaware of proper procedure and are unfamiliar in what the hearing officers need to hear to consider their reinstatement. Many give up feeling intimidated, defeated, and depressed and incur greater expense in the long run. Please call me to discuss your case and any defenses that apply. I will give you honest and realistic answers to your questions. Call me at 312-733-3030 or e-mail me at njarvan@yahoo.com. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


I can help if you have you been charged with:

• Murder or Attempt Murder
• Aggravated Battery
• Armed Robbery
• Any Violent crime
• Weapons offenses
• Sexual assault
• Possession or Sale of Narcotics
• Residential Burglary
• Theft , Forgery or any property crime
• Domestic Violence
• Any Misdemeanor offense

Every day I work with people who are often facing the most frightening experience in their lives – going through the criminal justice system. I know how terrifying and confusing it can be to those accused as well as their families. The possibility of being convicted of a felony or being incarcerated is life changing for all involved.

If you, a family member, or friend have been arrested, you will need the assistance of an attorney experienced in criminal defense as soon as possible. I have developed a practice helping my clients through extremely serious and sensitive legal issues that affect their lives. I understand when facing the criminal justice system you need an attorney who will keep you updated and informed about your case, who will fight hard for the best possible outcome, and who will also be available to talk when you have a question or concern.

A prosecution on criminal charges can have catastrophic consequences. Let me protect your freedom, reputation, and constitutional rights. YOUR FREEDOM AND QUALITY OF LIFE ARE TOO VALUABLE TO LOSE.

As a former prosecutor I have a rare insight of law enforcement’s investigative techniques and procedures. I have been in those police stations watching police as they developed their cases, handled their witnesses and interrogated their suspects.  I have taken this rare experience and now use it as a valuable tool to effectively cross examine witnesses against my clients and to challenge a prosecutor’s evidence.

If you have been charged with a violent felony, narcotics case, or property crime you already know the serious nature of the crime and how a conviction or being incarcerated can impact your life.

I have been successful in fighting these cases by challenging and contesting illegal arrests and searches by the police and discrediting the prosecutor’s witnesses. Please review my “RECENT RESULTS” section of my web site for examples of how I have used this experience to benefit my clients.

A competent and aggressive attorney is an important investment in protecting your future. I can help you lower your bond/bail, tell your side of the story, vigorously defend you at trial, or negotiate for a favorable disposition of your case.  Please call me at 312-733-3030 to schedule a free consultation.

Contact me in Chicago, Illinois, to hire a resourceful criminal law defense attorney.